More Ways to Play:

A Conversation Starter:

Many couples, partners, and friends use cards to learn more about the other, start a conversation, or share a story. Friendly Fire has been described as therapeutic for some couples and has been used to learn more about one another.


Friendly Fire does not have to be played in teams, but rather in singles. Playing this way does change the game slightly, but allows smaller groups to play how they prefer. Our recommendation for singles is: Each person playing takes two types of each colored card. Starting with the host of the party, a card will be read aloud, and then given to the person they think it most accurately describes. This will continue for 6 rounds. At the end of the 6th round, each person should have new cards that tell them exactly what their friends think about them.

Alternative way to play in singles:

The host of the party will pick one person that they start the round with. The host of the party and the selected player will be “under fire”. A card will be picked and read aloud for the rest of the players to vote. Whoever receives the vote from the group will keep the card, and keep their
position “under fire”. The person who kept their spot “under fire” will then pick a new player to join them. Players who receive a total of 5 cards will no longer be able to be “Under Fire” however they will still be able to vote. The player with the least amount of cards in the end is the winner.


Turning Friendly Fire into a drinking game is simple. The first and easiest way to turn Friendly Fire into a drinking game is to simply play the game as
directed using any preferred method. If a person or team decides that they cannot answer, they must drink. If a person or team wants to skip a card, they must drink. If a person or team voted incorrectly, they must drink. If a team cannot agree on the same answer, they must drink.


Starting with the host of the party, one card will be picked from one of three categories. Yellow (easy) Gray (Moderate) Red (Mature). Once the card has been picked, it will be read aloud and given to the person it most accurately describes. If the group agrees with this decision, the holder of the card must drink. If the majority does not agree, then the person who distributed the card must drink. Each card can represent the same drink, or to make it more interesting (preferred) we recommend you categorize the cards as such. Yellow (Easy) (Take a sip) Gray (Moderate) (Chug your drink) Red (Mature) (Take a shot)

Please remember it is extremely important to drink responsibly. We recommend keeping up with the amount players have had to drink during the game and stay hydrated with water.